TurboCord 240V Lockable Outdoor Use Cover Kit

AeroVironment’s TurboCord is the world’s smallest plug-in EV Charger. Its compact, plug-in design makes charging easy and provides EV drivers with the flexibility to charge anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Now available paired with our Lockable Outdoor Cover Kit, you can now plug in your TurboCord 240V safely in outdoor parking areas, securing it behind a combination lock. Perfect for apartment complexes or the workplace, this Kit is easily installed by your local certified electrician, and will provide you with the same flexibility, while also keeping your TurboCord 240V secure.

AV has 20 years of charging expertise helping car manufacturers design and test EV battery systems. With nearly 90 EV- related patents we’ve put all of this knowledge into our charging products to ensure your charging experience is easy and reliable.


  • TurboCord 240V
    • 16 Amps @ 240 Volts
    • UL, cUL listed
    • 20ft cable
    • Cable hanger
  • Lockable Outdoor Use Cover Kit*
    • Lockable housing
    • Commercial grade nickel plate contactor dual NEMA 6-20 receptacle
    • Single gang receptacle box
    • Combination lock

Source: www.store.evsolutions.com