BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW is dedicated to leading a new generation of mobility and exploring what the future holds for the ultimate driving machine. This is what has inspired the new BMW i3. Featuring carbon-fibre passenger compartments, which are both lighter and stronger than steel, and low-mounted batteries to maximise handling, they deliver a driving experience expected of BMW.

Electric car batteries and charging.

The current BMW i3 with its 94Ah battery has an incredible and class-leading daily range of up to 124 miles (up to 205 miles with optional Range Extender). This makes it just as practical as its petrol engine equivalent. And to ensure that recharging is as convenient as possible, BMW has rolled out the ChargeNow service with 5,000+ public charging stations. And for the home, there is the BMW i Wallbox. Now a BMW i3 can be charged to 80% battery capacity within 40 minutes, at home or on the road.


Why consider an electric car?

A BMW i3 is more than just the green option; it’s an investment in the future. It has a 3-year warranty covering the car and an 8-year unlimited mileage warranty on the battery. Plus, electric cars have a lower per mile running cost than traditional petrol engines and they’re exempt from vehicle tax as well as the London congestion charge. And, with fewer parts to replace than a traditional engine, service intervals are few and far between.

Charged and ready to take on the road, the BMW i3 is the next step in the future of mobility. Find out more about the BMW i3 to experience tomorrow, today.